My name is Wanessa Anderson, and I would like to welcome you to my online studio, W. Total Fitness. I offer a distinctive alignment and conditioning program that combines strength, body/mind connection, stretch and flow.

I have been in the fitness industry for over ten years, actively working as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. Through studying and teaching various workout formats, I realized that I could combine pieces of the big puzzle missing from many of the products currently offered in the market.

A bit about my training: I am an AFAA certified Personal Trainer and Group Activity Instructor, a Certified Yoga Instructor, a Pilates Instructor with a completion of all Balanced Body modules of Pilates on the Mat and Apparatus. I also hold certifications for Barre, Zumba, Piyo and Turbo Kick and am a Reiki Master.

A truly effective fitness program addresses every aspect of life, helping us to reach our highest performance level possible mentally, physically and spiritually. Every class at W. Total Fitness is a complete body/mind workout with a flow carefully strung together - a perfect blend of muscle and cardiovascular strength, stretch, balance, coordination, and relaxation.


Empowering, June 1st
Empowering, June 1st
$30.00 / 2 days